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III Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples and Nationalities of Abya Yala 

March 26-30, 2007 
Iximulew, Guatemala 

III Continental Summit of Indigenous Pueblos and Nations of Abya Yala
Coordinacion y Convergencia Nacional Maya
National Maya Coordination and Convergence

To Delegations of Indigenous Nations and Pueblos of Abya Yala:

Good greetings once more from the office of the National Maya Coordination and Convergence -WAQIB’KEJ, the along with the Regional Coordinations of the Four Cardinal Directions, and the central region of Iximulew, Guatemala.  We wish you harmony and blessings of the Creator and Giver of Form in your daily work in exercise and defense of the Rights of our Indigenous Peoples and Territories.

In accord with the consensus agreement at our gathering conducted on Jun Toj, the 13th of September 2006, in the city of Panchoy (Antigua, Guatemala) we issue this CONVOCATION to meet on the 10th of October, at 1500 hours at a location to be soon determined.

Our agenda shall address the following:

  • Inform and integrate the advances towards the III Indigenous Summit in Guatemala.
  • Definition of the cross cutting Themes and Methodology of the III Summit.
  • Reiterate the initial Convocation to the III Summit, and issue the second convocation.
  • Delivery of a letter to Evo Morales, reminding him of his commitment to participate in the III Continental Indigenous Summit.
  • Definition of the meeting for the continental council, for the month of December in Guatemala.


In hopes of your attendance, that we may advance and refine the important details for this great event.


Organizing Commission

Rodolpho Pocop                                                            Magdalena Sarat
Waqib’kej – Guatemala                                                 Waqib’kej – Guatemala

Domingo Hernandez                                                      Jorge Morales Toj
Waqib’kej – Guatemala                                                 Waqib’kej – Guatemala


Coordinacion y Convergencia Nacional Maya
Walking towards the Convergence, Unity, Dignity and Rights of the Pueblo Maya


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